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United Arab Emirates / Property Editorials and Articles    by Simon Palmer - Republic PR / 8th Dec 2009

Dubai Action Group has appointed Dublin legal firm, Anthony Joyce & Co, to undertake litigation on behalf of the purchasers who are chasing funds used to buy property through Irish agent’s Larionovo and parent company Profile Developments.The Group is currently recruiting new members befor ... read more »

Turkey / Agents News    by Oui Can Do / 31st Mar 2009

Since january 2009, Oui Can Do has created a new opportunity for Irish and UK buyer in Turkey.Most of the investor in Turkey have bought in Turkey with Irish /UK equity.It is now possible to release some pressure....If you own a Property in Turkey?Did you pay cash or use an Irish/UK equity release?W ... read more »

France / Agents News    by Oui Can Do / 31st Mar 2009

In the past couple of weeks I have taken a lot of calls from people about how best to finance their EXISTING French property investment. The main issues that arise are as follows:1. I bought using cash or with a top-up loan in Ireland/UK and now want to take out a loan in France2.I have a ... read more »

Croatia / Agents News    by Adriatic Riviera / 23rd Mar 2009

It has just got a whole lot easier to buy in Croatia, the country from the former Yugoslavia that inherited all the beautiful Adriatic coastline, and has been dubbed "the new Riviera". Croatia wants to join the European Union, and as part of the negotiation, it has dropped a major hurdle t ... read more »

Agents News    by www.locations.ie / 18th Feb 2009

The last few months have seen sales activity in the overseas market largely put on hold. Buyers had decided to sit on the fence and see what would unfold. Spring is approaching and we’ve noticed activity levels are returning strongly in certain markets.Why is this happening? Well it’s ac ... read more »

Croatia / Agents News    by New York Times -Adriatic Riviera / 16th Feb 2009

Mondo Konoba may be the best little restaurant that you may never reach. It is what eating in the Old World should feel like. Just be warned that you'll have to work for it.Istria, the part of Croatia that's closest to Italy, was under its neighbor's rule until the end of World War ... read more »

Croatia / Agents News    by Adriatic Riviera- Chris Boiling,UK journalist. / 16th Feb 2009

"This is Istria," declares my guide for the day, Guido Schwengersbauer - an Austrian ex-pat who fell in love with this strawberry-shaped peninsula in the northwest of Croatia 36 years ago. We're standing in a medieval square in the hilltop town of Groznjan. The town has car-free cobble ... read more »

Malta / Agents News    by Maltabuyproperty.co.uk / 9th Feb 2009

Most people will have heard of Malta, but how many will have heard of Gozo, its smaller sister island. Residents are known as Gozitans rather than Maltese - and are regarded as a rather strange bunch by the mainland residents of Malta itself – and vice-versa!.      ... read more »

Malta / Agents News    by Maltabuyproperty.co.uk / 9th Feb 2009

A deal struck between a major Maltese Bank and a leading Property Agency means that potential UK buyers are a lot closer to their dream of owning a property on the island.Details of the scheme were released by UK based www.maltabuyproperty.co.uk - who work exclusively with Frank Salt Real Estate, th ... read more »

USA / Agents News    by Brennan Property Investment Ltd / 15th Jan 2009

NEW Finance Option for Property Investors in the USA!  The Credit Crunch is still with us as constant reminders continue apace, whether it’s the banks, global automotive companies, retail shops or sadly domestic repossessions. At the practical level, first-time buyers in the UK are asked ... read more »

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